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Is Your Wall Covered With Notes?

Very Notable is a virtual noticeboard ready to be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

  • You routinely cover walls with boards and notes and would benefit from a virtual noticeboard for unlimited board space.

  • A custom built solution tailored to your needs.

  • Integrate with existing systems, databases and cloud-based solutions.

  • Maintain the security and privacy of confidential information.

  • Store, publish and collaborate on a realistic life-sized noticeboard in virtual reality.

  • Available worldwide.

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The Digital Way

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Noticeboards are often used for the most important information. What are your exam results? Where do you need to be for class? These paper notes can get lost easily, and it can be inconvenient for people to use them to find the information they need. With Very Notable, noticeboards can be published to website addresses, making them accessible from anywhere and without the risk of notes being mislaid. The noticeboards are designed to work with the latest smartphone technologies, meaning that a life-sized noticeboard is always available in your pocket, just a click away in virtual reality. The technology works equally well without a VR headset, meaning that your important information is always within reach.

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Noticeboards Without Limits!

Where space is at a premium, VR technology can create realistic life-sized noticeboards that are easy to navigate without taking up a whole wall in your office. Try the demo online noticeboard and learn how a VR noticeboard can help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you want to categorise notes, link noticeboards together, or even link the noticeboard with your existing databases in the cloud. Perhaps you deal with private data such as medical records and want a way to visualise them on a noticeboard but don't have the space. If so, Very Notable can create a custom-built in-house electronic noticeboard designed for your needs. Just get in touch below with your requirements.

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Custom built noticeboards

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